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Knollmead Primary School


Key Trust Personnel

Chair of the Board of Trustees Marion Webb
Chair of the Coombe Local Governing Body Neil Williams
Chair of the Knollmead Local Governing Body Diana Brotherston
Clerk to the Board of Trustees Lisa Kidd
Clerk to the Coombe Local Governing Body Roger Lowe
Clerk to the Knollmead Local Governing Body Roger Lowe
CEO and  Executive Headteacher Deborah Walls
Accounting Officer Deborah Walls
Chief Financial Officer Deborah Castanheira
Headteacher Coombe Boys' School David Smith
Headteacher Coombe Girls' School Andy Platt 
Headteacher Knollmead Primary School Dave Tan




Knollmead Primary School Local Governing Body

If you would like to contact the Chair of Governors, please write to Mrs D Brotherston at the school address.

Ms Diana Brotherston  Chair, Community Governor
Mrs Naomi Sellayah  Community Governor
Ms Rhianwen Dean  Teaching Staff Representative
Mr Mark Ellis Community Governor
Miss Theeba Raganathan Community Governor
Mrs Margaret Hurrell  LA Governor
Ms Lynn Hayes  Community Governor
Mrs Sharmini Vasantharuban  Parent Governor
Mrs Joanne Williams  Parent Governor
Mr Roger Lowe  Clerk to the Governing Body