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Knollmead Primary School


Key Trust Personnel

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Marion Webb

Chair of the Coombe Local Governing Body

Neil Williams

Chair of the Knollmead Local Governing Body

Mark Ellis

Co-Chairs of the Green Lane Local Governing Body

Jane Pritchard

Chair of the Robin Hood Local Governing Body

Mark Callis

Clerk to the Board of Trustees

Jan Broadbent

Clerk to the Coombe Local Governing Body

Jan Broadbent

Clerk to the Knollmead Local Governing Body

Jan Broadbent

Clerk to the Green Lane Local Governing Body

Mary Golletz

Clerk to the Robin Hood Local Governing Body

Jan Broadbent

CEO and  Executive Headteacher

Deborah Walls

Deputy Executive Headteacher

Andy Platt

Accounting Officer

Deborah Walls

Chief Financial Officer

Deborah Castanheira

Headteacher Coombe Boys' School

David Smith

Acting Headteacher Coombe Girls' School

Emily Barns 

Headteacher Knollmead Primary School

Dave Tan

Headteacher Green Lane Primary and Nursery School

Sally Berlemont

Headteacher Robin Hood Primary and Nursery School

Pete Boulton


Knollmead Local Governing Body

Purpose: The Academy Trust has established a local governing body for Knollmead Primary School under the terms of the Trust’s articles of association.

Each school within the Trust is accountable to and must serve its community. The Governing Body of Knollmead Primary School is charged with delivering these aims.

Whilst the Board of Trustees has overall responsibility and ultimate decision-making authority for all the work of the Trust, and for the standards achieved by pupils and students of the school, the Governing Body has the responsibility of ensuring that the vision of the Trust is fulfilled.

The Governing Body is focused on translating the strategy of the Trust into day-to-day reality in the school for which it has responsibility, ensuring that the staff working in the school are supported and challenged and that the needs of the pupils and students are met.


Core Purpose:  To ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction; hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils and the performance management of staff; and oversee the financial performance of the school making sure its money is well spent.



Mark Ellis  is the Chair of the Local Governing Body and can be contacted  via the school office.  The Clerk to the Local Governing Body is Jan Broadbent.

There are currently no vacancies on the Knollmead Local Governing Body for Trustee appointed governors.  However, if you would like to express an interest in applying to become a governor, please contact the clerk via the school office.


Knollmead Local Governing Body members


Trustee appointed 

Parent elected 

Staff elected

Jolande Botha-Smith

Tanya Brandt

Shane Chellingworth

Mark Ellis (Chair)

Monique Lawrence

Theeba Ragunathan (Vice Chair) 

Chris Beaumont


Rhianwen Dean


Dave Tan (Headteacher)






If you would like a copy of any of the minutes from Governors' meetings please contact Ms Stevens in the School Office.