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Knollmead Primary School


Knollmead Primary School Staff: Spring Term 2019

Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mr D Tan

Deputy Headteacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs R Kearns

Trust  Inclusion Manager/ SENCo and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead:  Ms S Salih

Assistant Headteacher (EYFS/KS1): Ms R Dean


Class Teachers and Principal Class Teaching Assistants

Nursery (Opal)

Mrs Turner, Mrs Terrey, Mrs Roffey and Miss Evangelista

Reception (Ruby)

Ms Dean, Miss Bignold, Mrs Turner (PM), Miss Abbott

Year 1 (Topaz)

Miss Richards and Mrs Richards

Year 2 (Jet)

Miss Jackson and Mrs Hayes (AM)

Year 3 (Amber)

Mrs Kearns and Ms Blake

Year 4 (Pearl)

Miss Culpin (Mon - Thurs) and Mr Young

Year 5 (Coral)

Mrs Jenkins and Mr Head

Year 6 (Crystal)

Mr Van de Wiel, Mrs Trimble and Mrs Heaton (AM)

Sapphire Class

Mrs Beaumont, Mrs Palazzo (HLTA), Miss Loynd, Mrs Narse, Mr Rebbitt, Miss Morrell and Mrs Kennedy (Friday)

Emerald Class

Mrs Beaumont, Miss Desai (HLTA), Mr Fitzpatrick, Mrs Western (AM)  Ms Goshawk and Mrs Kirteler

Diamond Class Mrs Terrey and Miss Evangelista
Other teaching staff

Ms Salih (Teacher of the Deaf) and Mrs Cianfarani  (Teacher of the Deaf)

Cover Supervisor

Miss Standish, Miss Curtis

PPA Cover / Art and Design / English and an Additional Language Support Miss Roche

Mathletics and Spellodrome administration: Miss Curtis.

The following member of staff has additional responsibility for the Knollmead Friends Association: Mrs Terrey.

Teaching Assistants who specialise in supporting children with hearing impairment:  Mrs Barnard, Mrs Morris, Mrs Kosar, and Mrs Walshe

Speech and Language Therapy Assistant:  Mrs Kennedy

Office Staff:  Mrs O'Neill (Office Manager / PA to Headteacher) Mrs Madden, Mrs Carr and Mrs King.

Site Manager: Mr Titchener

Lunchtime Supervisors: Mrs Geary, Mrs Dimon, Mrs Shanmugalingam, Mrs Vasantharuban, Mrs Swain, Mrs Kablan, Mrs Peralagan and Mrs Farrell

Coombe Academy Trust teaching staff:  Mrs Grellier  (Music), Mr Wozniak (French), Dr Fellowes (Science), Ms Zahar (SRP) and Ms Lucas (Music - SRP)