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Knollmead Primary School

Who to contact if you're worried

There may be times when you feel worried, anxious or sad about certain events in your life.

Sometimes people can feel sad but they may not know why. Usually, if people feel sad, there is a reason. The good news is that at Knollmead, everyone is here to help you feel happier. You can talk to people at home, your parents, grandparents, friends or relatives. You can discuss things with your friends. If you are worried, you can simply talk to a teacher or a teaching assistant in your class. If you are outside you can talk to the staff on duty. Sometimes people like to talk to the staff in the office. Mr Tan, Mrs Kearns, Ms Salih and Miss Dean are also available to listen and help. Miss Standish also helps children in school who are worried; she can arrange to see you during the day if that helps.

At lunchtime, there are many lunchtime supervisors on duty who will be able to help you.

Find someone you can trust to tell your problem to.


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