The children's attendance is of a high priority to us at Knollmead, and we have shared (5th April 2019 newsletter) the fact that research (e.g. DfE, 2016) shows that the higher a pupil's overall absence rate, the lower their likely level of attainment at the end of Primary School. Our whole school attendance continues to be affected greatly by unauthorised holidays that have been taken this year, with 340 days of education lost to unauthorised holiday in 2018-19 alone. To ensure the best possible progress and attainment for the children, through helping to reduce absences and discourage term time holidays, more schools in the local authority have started to issue fixed penalty notices for such unauthorised absences; we are committed to providing the best for the children at Knollmead and so, following consultation with parents on 28th June 2019, this is something that we have now introduced as of January 2020.