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Knollmead Primary School


School Lunches

The lunchtime catering is provided by Independent Catering Limited. 


Each day every child has the choice of three meal options, a dessert and unlimited bread and salad from the salad bar. There is of course unlimited water to accompany the meal.

Parents can choose their child's meal in advance online via Parentpay, or can order it when they drop off their younger children in the morning. We encourage the older students to select it themselves using the screen in each classroom.

Paying for Meals

Pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to receive a free school meal each day. Parents/carers need to pay £2.34 for each meal. Please note that this price has increased from £2.27 - £2.34, due to the increase in the national living wage and inflation. Payment for school meals is done in advance through Parentpay.

Parents are encouraged to keep their child's lunch balance topped up sufficiently. Instructions as to how to set free email alerts if your balance falls below a set limit can be found further down this page.

If your child is in Nursery (full time) or Years 3-6, free school meals may be provided for your children if you are receiving certain benefits.

For further details and how to apply are on the Free School Meals page of our website.

Special Diets & Allergies

Independent Catering deliver a tree nut and peanut free catering operation at Knollmead. The daily menus clearly show which of the 14 listed allergens each dish contains, so parents can confidently select meals for suitable for children with allergies. If you want to know more about the ingredients in the food or if your child requires a special diet due to a medical condition, please do contact the school who will gladly arrange a meeting with you and the Chef. None of the meat served at Knollmead is Halal.

Menu for Autumn (2) Half Term 2020 

Autumn Term (5th November 2020 - 18th December 2020)





Setting a Free Low Balance Email Alert

Setting up a low balance alert is really worthwhile. To set up alerts follow these steps:

  1. Log into your ParentPay account
  2. Click the ‘Communications’ tab
  3. Then click ‘Alert settings’ - from here you can choose to receive email alerts
  4. You will need to enter the threshold for balance alerts.  For example, if you enter £10.00 as the threshold for Low Balance Reminders you receive an email alert when your child’s balance drops below £10.00


Guide to making a payment for meals via parentpay

Login details will be given to the parents of all new students when they start.

Free School Meals

Many children are eligible for free school meals based on age and family income. Please look at the flow chart linked below to see if your child is eligible:

Knollmead FSM Flow Chart