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Knollmead Primary School

Demonstration Shanghai - style teacher lesson Teaching for Mastery events

Regrettably the NCETM has decided to postpone the visit of Shanghai Maths teachers to England in March because of the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak in China. However, we are going ahead with our events and the two South West London Maths Hub teachers who visited Shanghai in November will provide demonstration Shanghai-style lessons based on their observations and experience. We hope you will join us.


How do we teach pupils using a teaching for mastery approach?

Following our participation in the recent Shanghai Exchange programme in partnership with the South West London Maths Hub, we will be hosting two Shanghai teachers who are going to hold two showcase events for participants to see and experience teaching for mastery style lessons.

This exciting opportunity will enable participants to:

  • See teaching for mastery ‘in action’ with pupils at Knollmead Primary School
  • Have a greater awareness of National and Local priorities: Teaching for Mastery
  • Understand the key principles of Teaching for Mastery


• This will be especially useful for Subject Leaders, Headteachers, Senior Leaders or Teachers who are interested in developing or further embedding a Teaching for Mastery approach.

• There is no cost for attending this unique professional development opportunity.

Attending the showcase will enable you to see first-hand the key ideas and principles of Teaching for Mastery in mathematics. All sessions will be appropriate for teachers of all phases to gain an understanding of the pedagogy of Teaching for Mastery.

Please follow these links to book your place:

Key Stage 1 showcase event

Key Stage 2 showcase event



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