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Knollmead Primary School

Reading Scheme

At Knollmead Primary School we have introduced the children to Project X Origins by Oxford Reading Press. It gives you everything you need to deliver high-quality guided reading – raising reading standards for all.

Within the schemes we look are able to look at:

  • Comprehension, grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary skills to a high standard
  • Assess the children against the new curriculum criteria
  • Inspire a wide-range of fiction genres and fascinating non-fiction, linked by themes to hook all children.

We also use `Jolly Phonics` and `Letters and sounds`

Phonics is the link between letters and the sounds they make.  At Knollmead we teach phonics using `Letters and sounds`, which is a structured programme working through 6 progressive phases.  Children are taught:

  •  The full range of letter sounds
  • To hear separate sounds within words
  • To blend sounds together.

Jolly phonics is introduced in Reception and is the method in which all sounds are learnt.  Jolly Phonics is a multi-sensory method that teaches children the letter sounds with actions for each of the 42 letter sounds.