Curriculum Intent

At Knollmead Primary School, we ensure our whole school curriculum is rich and rigorous, and designed with our pupils and community in mind. It is carefully planned and goes hand in hand with our commitment to effective, research based pedagogy and practice.

Our curriculum intent is as follows:

  • To strive for all children to become fluent and effective readers to enable them to access the wider curriculum, develop a rich vocabulary and enjoy reading for pleasure and as a door to further learning. 
  • To take every opportunity to develop all children’s vocabulary, committing new words and learning to their long term memory through rigorous and systematic teaching and learning within a culture of intrigue around words, their origins and application.
  • To strive for all children to become fluent in number and able to manipulate number to support problem solving and reasoning.
  • To provide all children with every opportunity possible to develop knowledge and skills through progressive content throughout the curriculum, to best prepare them for secondary school and lifelong learning.
  • To ensure all children are able to communicate articulately and confidently in a range of forms and situations across the curriculum.
  • To offer for all our children the knowledge and understanding of how to keep themselves healthy, both physically and mentally, to support their long term well-being.
  • To develop all our children’s understanding of themselves as learners, and to develop their resilience and problem solving skills to enable them to link their knowledge and skills to be creative thinkers. 
  • To instil an understanding of and deep respect for the beliefs, cultures, needs and differences of others.


When planning, designing and delivering our curriculum we place the SEND needs of our students at the heart of everything we do in order to ensure our curriculum is both ambitious and accessible for all.

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