Knollmead 60th Celebrations

On 11th January Knollmead celebrated its 60th birthday and to mark the event an afternoon tea party was held for former staff and pupils from across the years.

The Mayor, Councillor Thay Thayalan and Governors also joined us and the children put on a fantastic show, performing songs from each decade starting with the 1950’s right up to present day. There was memorabilia on display including a daily log book maintained by the Headteacher back in 1959 and photographs from over the years which included pictures from when Princess Diana visited the school in 1989. One of our visitors had actually presented the Princess with a bouquet and she was delighted to see the photograph of her doing this when she came to the party.

Our visitors were treated to afternoon tea and cakes and invited to go to the playground with the children and create a human ‘60’ which was captured from above. The outcome was this incredible picture below.

It was a lovely afternoon and we received some wonderful feedback from those who joined us. They remarked on how ‘warm and welcoming’ the atmosphere had been and that the most precious part of the day had been seeing all the children perform songs and dance. The visitors were struck by how confident the children were and impressed by the ‘superb’ job undertaken by them when conducting tours of the school.

It was truly an event that added further to the many reasons why we should all be proud to be part of Knollmead!